Self Service – Talent Management

Employees in an organization can view and update their job profile information, assess their suitability to apply to open internal jobs based on a comparison of their own profile against the job profile of the job opening and maintain a list of interested jobs.

When you configure Profile Management for your organization, a profile for an employee is created based on the jobcode or position, when the employee is hired into the PS HCM application, depending on your business decisions, an employee profile can consist of data as follows:

i. Competencies that are job related skills (Technical, Functional, Behavioural etc set up based on your business requirements) that the employee possesses and the level of proficiency in each of them.
ii. Education details of the employee
iii. Qualifications like Certificates acquired by the employee, awards, languages known alomg, any relevant memberships etc
iv. Responsibilities related to the position held by the employee and his/her proficieny levels in each of them. e.g. Analytical Abilities, Probles Solving Skills etc
v. Projects the employee has been involved in.
Implementing Career Planning where you can create Career Paths in general and Career Plans employee wise and Succession Planning where you can identify employees to succeed to particular positions, assign mentors and track the progress can also form part of Talent Management.

Another feature in the Talent Management portfolio could be the Professional Compliance module which can help you identify certain requirements to be fulfilled e.g. Certifications for all or specific profiles and also keep track of the fulfillment of the said requirements.
Employees can nominate themselves for courses published through PS HCM training Administration or an ELM etc. The PS HCM application can also be configured to enable the reporting managers approves the profile changes and training course nominations.

In case you have implemented and integrated PeopleSoft ELM or any third party Learning Management System, employees will also able to view the Course Catalog on offer, opt for trainings open to them and take up and complete assessments as applicable using the LMS tools and the progress of the training (could be instructor-led or computer based) can be displayed in the training history of the employee. Any Certifications and assessment scores can be displayed and/or published to the employee profile as well.

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