PS HCM – Job Openings and Applicants in Talent Acquisition Manager

Job Openings and Applicant Data



A Job Opening can be one of the below

1. Continuous Job Opening

2. Standard Job Opening

Continous Job Openings(not present in the earlier versions) are open ended Job Openings without an end date and thus remain open indefinitely, they can be created with just a Job Posting(pre written text containing details about the job position, this text will be visible to the applicants) and jobcodes, number of open positions etc need not be specified for these type of Job Openings. A Continuous Job Opening for Campus Hiring is a life saver.

Standard Job Openings are created to fill positions for specific JobCodes or Positions and hence while creating them appropriate data has to be entered along with the Job Posting text.

for a Standard Job Opening, the value entered in the Template Segmenting Type field on the Recruiting Installation tab of the Installation Options page determines which job opening template to use. This in turn decides the values that will have to be filled in for this Job Opening.

Other ways to create Job Openings are,

1. Creating Job Openings for open positions in your organisation by running the HRS_CRJOB process(if you have implemented Position Management).
2. Creating Job Openings by cloning existing Job Openings.

Approving Job Openings

Job Openings go in for approval if you have specified so in the Installation Options tab of the Recruiting Installation page. The defualt approval process is 2 step wherein the first approver is the reporting manager of the hiring manager specified in the Job Opening and the second approver is the recruiter specified in the Job Opening. Approvers can either approve , deny or bring in another approver into the approval chain, and the 2nd approver has a push back option as well.
If any changes are made to the Job Opening before the approval is completed, the Job Opening’s approval cycle starts again.

Applicants can be internal(employees of the organisation), external and non-employees(POIs) and

Applicant data can be recorded in PS in one of the following 4 ways

1. Applicant enters his/her details through the Candidate Gateway
2. Applicant mails his/her resume to an email address and an extraction engine parses data and saves it in the system
3. Resumes are picked up from external job portals through the OIF and parsed.
4. Recruiter enters applicant data through PS HCM pages

when data is entered by the recruiters using PS HCM pages as in #4 applicant data is captured under the following heads,
Applicant information like name, contact Details etc, here the type of applicant and status (active/Inactive), Status Code are recorded
Applicant’s Applications including resume, work experience details, qualifications, competencies, location preferences etc are saved, also here tagging the applicant to a Job Opening is done
Applicant’s Verification details where his/her referances are saved
Applicant’s Eligibility & Identity data containing passport, visa, PAN/SSN etc details.

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