PS HCM – Data Flow for Compensation & Benefits Data

So I am back and today we look at how the monies are handled in PS HCM :). we will look at how salary data and benefits data is handled in PS HCM. we will use the figure below to aid us as we go.



We have the applicant data that has flown into the Talent Acquisition Manager module through the Candidate Gateway, when a recruiter makes an offer to an applicant it will include the salary details also, from here the offer details flow into the Workforce Administration module when the hiring takes place by the HR user. Now we have the Compensation data for the employee in the system and it visible when you navigate to the Compensation page in the Job Data compenent. As and when the HR team updates the Compensation details of an employee or group of employees either the data as part of a performance appraisal or the salary components as part of a process change etc, data gets updated on the Compensation page. Data updates as these can be handled by the delivered PS compensation mass update program or by a custom app engine – component interface combo.

Employees can view their compensation data and detailed salary breakup under the Payroll and Compensation feature of the Self Service menu.

Please note that till here PS HCM holds your compensation details but has not processed or calculated your salary. For that data flows to one of the payroll modules, depending on your implementation you could be looking at Payroll Interface , Global Payroll or North America Payroll.

Global Payroll and NA Payroll calculates the salaries by taking into account the earnings, deductions and benefit choices and deductions whereas Payroll Interface lets a third party application handle all the processing and calculation part and is all about preparing the employee data for use by the TPA and then importing the calculations back into PS HCM.

Benefits data that forms a part of the payroll processing consist of the elections made by employees for themselves and their dependants from the bunch of choices offered by your organisation. Base Benefits module is where the benefit plans and their costs are setup , employees can view the options on offer and choose or waive from the eBenefits page under Self Service feature. eBenefits rides upon Benefits Administration module which uses the benefits plans you setup in Base Benefits to enable you to present the employee with benefit options during open enrollment windows and life events.

This dear readers is a brief look at the flow of compensation and benefits data , we will deep dive into PS HCM very soon.

Wait for my next post where we will look at SaaS HCM vs Traditional HCM.. Till then see ya 🙂

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