The Job Information Page

In today’s post we move on to exploring the page in the Job Data component, the Job Information page.

The Job Information page contains one of the most important attributes of an individual’s employment data , the Job Code. We will take a look at some of the important fields on this page and the Job Labor page today.

Also do note that the Job Code and other values(Salary Admin Plan, Salary Grade etc) in the pages that follow are visible based on the value of the Business Unit field selected in the previous page of the component the Work Location page.

This page contains the Employee Name and EmplID subpage at Level 0 and the Effective Date, Effective Sequence, Action and Action Reason for this record from the Work Location page at Level 1 in read only mode.

Job Code is used to denote the designation of an individual in your organisation and the values displayed for this field are a TableSet from the PS_JOBCODE_TBL control table. The value of the Job Code entered for an individual can be used to map to Salary Grades and further control compensation values defaulting etc.

Entry Date is by default the date on which the person is first assigned to this job code.

Regular/Temporary value defaults from what you have setup in the PS_JOBCODE_TBL control table for the Job Code selected for the individual.You can override this value.

Full/Part field indicates whether the worker is a full-time or part-time worker, the default value being Full-Time.

Please note that the Manage Base Benefits business process uses the values that you select in the Regular/Temporary and Full/Part fields to determine Benefit Plan eligibility.
Empl Class i.e. Employee Class provides another method of grouping workers. Values include: Assignee, Expatriate, Intern, Homeworker, Top Sportsman etc and are are derived from the PS_EMPL_CLASS_TBL control table based on the value of the regulatory region value that is specified on the Work Location page.

Standard Hours

The 4 fields that follow next are populated from the job code selected for this individual and can be overriden

Standard Hours displays by default the standard hours for the worker

Work Period indicates the time period during which workers must complete the standard hours. Values include: Weekly, Daily, Monthly and are derived from the PS_FREQUENCY_TBL table

FTE (full-time equivalency) displays the percentage of full-time work that the worker should normally work in this job. The value is calculated by the system based based on the standard hours entry for this job and the standard work period.
This calculated value can be overridden also. A warning if you enter a value that is greater than 1.0.

Combined Std Hours/FTE (combined standard hours/full-time equivalent) displays the total standard hours that are assigned to the worker for all active jobs combined and the worker’s total FTE status for all active jobs combined. this value cannot be modified.

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