Job Data and the Work Location Page

Job information for an employee / contingent worker / person of interest is entered
into the PeopleSoft HSM system after entering the personal details of the
The job information this entered is accessed and used by all modules across the
PeopleSoft HCM application and is the basis for many transactions and business
A HR user first creates the job record of an employee / contingent worker / person
of interest during hiring of the individual into the organisation, this data is
maintained throughout the tenure of the individual in the organisation by adding a
new record to reflect changes in the individual’s employment i.e. promotions,
transfers, deputations, additional assignments etc. Effective dates are used to
maintain the history of the changes and effective sequences are used when multiple
transations are performed on a given day.
Thus a combination of the emplID, employee record number, effective date and
effective sequence is a composite key at the PS_JOB table level.
Job data for an individual can be entered using the JOB_DATA_EMP or the
JOB_DATA_CWR or the JOB_DATA_POI component depending on the type of organisational
relationship the individual being hired has with your organisation or using the
EE_HIRE or HR_MANAGE_HIRES depending of the hiring method you choose.
There is yet another component that can be used to add hires into the PeopleSoft
HCM system, this component HR_TBH_JOB is used whenever hiring happens through
preconfigured templates. We will park that description for later.

Additions and changes to the job records can be made using the JOB_DATA component.

In all the components mentioned above, data is organised in the form of below
mentioned pages,

Work Location
Job Information
Job Labor
Salary Plan
Employment Data
Earnings Distribution
Benefits Program Participation

We will go through the important fields in each of these pages one by one

We begin with the Work Location page,

This page contains some of the most important fields that affect business processes
across the PeopleSoft HCM application.

The EmplID, name and Empl RCD Nbr are displayed in a read only mode on the page in
a subpage at level 0

Then we have the Work Location consisting of a number of fields out of which we
will discuss the following today,

HR Status, this field HR_STATUS has values A/I and indicates the status of the
current job record for an employee, An employee is active in the system if the
value of this fields is A and inactive if the value is I,

The field EMPL_STATUS is displayed with the label Payroll Status for employment
instance, it displays the payroll status of the current job record and has the
following translate values,
A – Active, D -Deceased, L – Leave of Absence, P – Leave With Pay, Q – Retired With
Pay, R – Retired,S – Suspended,T – Terminated,U – Terminated With Pay,V –
Terminated Pension Pay Out,W – Short Work Break,X – Retired-Pension Administration
The value of this field along with the proper effective date can trigger retro pay
processing for an employee, similiarly the value of this field and particular
action codes can trigger the final pay proccessing for employee.

A / L / P / S status represent active employees in the system.

EMPL_STATUS is displayed using the label Job Status for contingent worker and POI
instances, it contains and displays the job status of the current job record for
these instances.

Please note that a person with an active HR status can have an inactive Job or
Payroll status as in case of employees having multiple jobs and being paid on their
secondary jobs rather than primary job.

Job Indicator field is used to indicate whether this is the person’s primary or
secondary job for this particular organizational relationship.This field is used to
process people with more than one organizational instance in a single
organizational relationship.

Action and Reason fields are very important fields playing a decisive role in how
the job information of the particular inidividual is handled in PeopleSoft HCM, the
field ACTION enables you to select the action you are taking on this record for eg.
Hire/Terminate/Promote etc from a list of values configured in the PS_ACTION_TBL
control table and the field ACTION_REASON enables you to select the reason
associated with this action to further define the processing required after saving
this record in the system, the values for this field are based on the
PS_ACTN_REASON_TBL control table that you can setup. These two fields together
drive plenty of business processes and workflow for an individual in the PeopleSoft
HCM application.
Last Start Date displays the most recent start date for this organizational

Expected Job End Date lets you enter the end date for this job, if known.

If this job is a temporary assignment, this date is essential if you want the
system to terminate this job and reactivate any substantive job that may be on
if you don’t know the end date initially and leave this field blank, you can run
the Temporary Assignment w/out End Date report to identify those assignments that
do not have an end date and enter them at a leter date.

The system displays the day before the termination effective date as the
termination date.

End Job Automatically can be selected to end the job on the specified date.
Please note that you can use this feature only if the Automatic Job Termination
check box is selected on the Installation Table – Product Specific page.

Termination Date, Last Date Worked, and Override Last Date Worked

If the value ‘TER’ or other termination values selected for the action field, the
system displays the day before the termination effective date as the termination
date for the individual and also the date last worked. If you rehire the person,
the system clears these fields. When a person returns from leave, the system clears
only the Last Date Worked field. If the date is not accurate, select Override Last
Date Worked to enter the date.

Regulatory Region is populated by default with the regulatory region entered in the
Org Defaults by Permission List component. The default value can be chaned also.

Company field is used to represent the Company that an individual belongs to, the
values for this field comes from the PS_COMPANY_TBL control table and can be
defaulted on the PS_DEPT_TBL setup as well.

Business Unit field lets you select the business unit for the individual from the
PS_BUS_UNIT_TBL_HR control table.

The business unit that you assign to the person on this page and the setID
functionality in PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Resources Management affect the way
that default values work throughout the PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Resources
system. The value entered in this field controls the departments, locations, job
codes, salary plans, and so on that you can see on the remaining pages of this

Department field lets you select the department for the individual from a list of
values based on the PS_DEPT_TBL control table. The system populates a default
supervisor or Reports To ID on the Job Information page if you entered a default
supervisor or Reports To ID for this department in the Department table.
The department to which you assign an individual determines accessibilty to his/her
data to the power users in the PeopleSoft HCM system.

Location field is defaulted to the location assigned to a department in the
PS_DEPT_TBL control table, you can change the default value to another from a list
of values based on the PS_LOCATION_TBL.

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