Hiring employees into PS HCM

In this post we look at two different ways of hiring employees in PeopleSoft HCM, one of them uses the applicant data generated by the Talent Acquisition Manager module and the other method we will explore is an effective technique of avoiding and overcoming data entry errors.

Hiring Applicants

The HR User in charge of hiring navigates to the Manage Hires page through the path Workforce Administration >> Personal Information >> Manage Hires >> Manage Hires

The Manage Hires page displays a list of applicants who have gone through the recruiting process in the TAM module and are ready to be hired as employees. When you add the applicant, much of the applicant’s information is transferred to the Personal Data page and Job Data component through internal IB messaging.

The page displays among other details the Name of the applicant , Type of Hire (Hire / Rehire / Transfer / Add Concurrent Job / Add Contingent Worker), Start Date, Status etc. Clicking an applicant name the Manage Hire Details page for that particular applicant where details in relation to the Job Opening for which the applicant is being hired are displayed. Job Code, Business Unit, Department are the other details displayed.

The page also contains options to indicate whether a new Organisational Instance needs to be created or an existing one will be used and to indicate if a new Employee Record needs to be created or an existing one will be used.

Next the Add Person group box contains a Add Person button which on clicking brings in the personal data of the applicant from TAM into the Personal Data component and the HR end user hiring the applicant can add skim through the pages of the personal data component adding details as required and the last page of the component the Organisational Relationships page displays the options Employee , Contingent Worker and Person of Interest , on selection of one of these options and clicking on the Add the Relationship button, the Job Data component opens up wherein data is populated from the TAM module, changes and additions can be made here and saving data at this point completes the hiring process and creates the Employee ID / Person ID for the employee
Template Based Hires

Template-based hires feature allows you to streamline and reduce errors in the data entry process through the Personal Data and Job Data pages. Template can be configured to contain default values of some or many key fields and thus expediete the hiring process and also avoid errors.
Hiring employees using Template Based Hires consists of the following steps:

1. Creation & Configuration of hiring templates based on the business needs
2. Hiring initiated by the HR end user wherein the personal details of the candidate and other data not defaulted in the template and particular to the person being hired are enter and saved. Upon saving the employee data can either get saved in the database or can be pushed to a manager for further review and action depending on the configuration at the template levels, the review and action by a manager is an excellent way to get a senior team member to enter and handle sensitive information like compensation etc. In case the template being used has a futher review option active , then step below is carried out
3. The designated user will review whether data entered by the HR end user at step 2 is accurate or not. If found to be correct, saving will update the database.